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US-8849254-B2: Location intelligence management system patent, US-8849701-B2: Online video game advertising system and method supporting multiplayer ads patent, US-8850350-B2: Partial gesture text entry patent, US-8850829-B2: Heating and cooling unit with semiconductor device and heat pipe patent, US-8858439-B2: Ultrasound operation apparatus, ultrasound operation system, and cavitation suppression method patent, US-8859182-B2: Resist composition and method for producing resist pattern patent, US-8861795-B2: Virtual white lines for delimiting planned excavation sites patent, US-8862451-B2: User interface indicating fluid location for an implantable fluid delivery device patent, US-8863736-B2: Gas-fired heater with environmental detector patent, US-8864222-B2: Unifoldable reclining chair patent, US-8864424-B2: Debris shield for geocontainers, method of making, and method of use thereof patent, US-8865661-B2: Method of lowering glycemic index of foods patent, US-8870407-B2: Lighting device with louvers patent, US-8874353-B2: Device and method for controlling internal combustion engine patent, US-8874906-B2: Launching a secure kernel in a multiprocessor system patent, US-8875016-B2: Method and apparatus to convert digital ink images for use in a structured text/graphics editor patent, US-8877942-B2: 2,2′-disubstituted dipyrrin compounds, synthesis thereof and methods of use thereof patent, US-8880288-B2: Determining low-speed driving direction in a vehicle patent, US-8881215-B2: System and method for compressing video based on detected data rate of a communication channel patent, US-8881361-B1: Methods of repairing a rotary drill bit patent, US-8881572-B2: Supporting core for producing hollow profiled elements patent, US-8881895-B2: Apparatus and method for distributing samples patent, US-8882137-B2: Airbag, in particular for a motor vehicle patent, US-8883242-B1: Bowl for keeping breakfast cereal crispy patent, US-8884112-B2: Soybean variety A1026631 patent, US-8886322-B2: System for stimulating a hypoglossal nerve for controlling the position of a patient's tongue patent, US-8886347-B2: Method and apparatus for selecting a playback queue in a multi-zone system patent, US-8889156-B2: Calcium-binding agents induce hair growth and/or nail growth patent, US-8889370-B2: Method of determining inhibitors of coagulation patent, US-8889742-B2: Use of HDAC and/or DNMT inhibitors for treatment of ischemic injury patent, US-8890617-B2: Bias current monitor and control mechanism for amplifiers patent, US-8891723-B2: Stable startup system for a nuclear reactor patent, CN-1440876-A: Automatic ink refilling device and method for ink cartridge of ink jet printer patent, US-8893711-B2: High temperature solar selective coatings patent, US-8894744-B2: System and method of cleaning particulate collection devices used in a flue gas processing system patent, US-8895537-B2: Compositions and methods for treating cardiovascular diseases patent, US-8897216-B2: Method and apparatus for supporting AMD re-segmentation patent, US-8897239-B2: Resource allocation patent, US-8898511-B2: Homogeneous recovery in a redundant memory system patent, US-8899398-B2: Apparatus and method for water bottle return patent, US-8900309-B2: Spinal implants patent, US-8903685-B2: Variable step-size least mean square method for estimation in adaptive networks patent, US-8903955-B2: Systems and methods for intelligent video delivery and cache management patent, US-8904798-B2: Combustor patent, US-8905481-B2: Fitting for a vehicle seat patent, US-8906915-B2: Compounds, compositions, and methods for controlling biofilms patent, US-8907666-B2: Magnetic bias structure for magnetoresistive sensor having a scissor structure patent, US-8910048-B2: System and/or method for authentication and/or authorization patent, US-8910134-B2: System for applying transformation to improve graph analysis patent, US-8911313-B2: Method for the production of a one-piece metallic multiple wheel, preform for the production thereof, and multiple wheel patent, US-8914480-B1: Method and device for transparent interception of socket connections patent, US-8915629-B2: Light fixture for a merchandiser patent, US-8916038-B2: Free-standing metallic article for semiconductors patent, US-8917744-B2: Outsourcing resources in a grid computing environment patent, US-8920995-B2: Systems and methods for predicting polarization curves in a fuel cell system patent, US-8921789-B2: Tunable compliant optical metamaterial structures patent, US-8922144-B2: Method of processing sensor signals for determining motion of a motor shaft patent, US-8926700-B2: Spinal facet joint implant patent, US-8927261-B2: Method and device for purifying nucleic acids patent, US-8929918-B2: Positioning and location services using civic address information patent, US-8930470-B2: Event notification in interconnected content-addressable storage systems patent, US-8930701-B2: Methods and apparatus to collect distributed user information for media impressions and search terms patent, US-8932320-B1: Methods of aspirating thrombi patent, US-8935299-B2: Identifying relevant data for pages in a social networking system patent, US-8935487-B2: Fast and low-RAM-footprint indexing for data deduplication patent, US-8935806-B2: Mechanism for facilitating management of data in an on-demand services environment patent, US-8936868-B2: Rechargeable battery patent, US-8936888-B2: Fuel cell system with flame protection member patent, US-8938021-B1: Outbound interference reduction in a broadband powerline system patent, US-8938988-B2: Multichannel heat exchanger with dissimilar flow patent, US-8940217-B1: Apparatus and method for molding brassiere cups patent, US-8940429-B2: Construction of non-rectangular batteries patent, US-8942063-B2: Data acquisition and processing system and method for investigating sub-surface features of a rock formation patent, US-8943451-B2: Hierarchical finite state machine generation for power state behavior in an electronic design patent, US-8944785-B2: Piston and cylinder combination driven by linear motor with cylinder position recognition system and linear motor compressor, and an inductive sensor patent, US-8945028-B2: Device and method for decreasing energy consumption of a person by use of a lower extremity exoskeleton patent, US-8945074-B2: Device with controller and pump modules for providing negative pressure for wound therapy patent, US-8945169-B2: Embolic protection device patent, US-8945666-B2: Systems and methods for adjusting moisture concentration of a veneer patent, US-8945824-B2: Method of determining hypoxia patent, US-8946439-B2: Amide compounds, compositions and uses thereof patent, US-8946693-B2: Organic EL element, display device, and light-emitting device patent, US-8946710-B2: Semiconductor device and electronic apparatus using the same patent, US-8948933-B2: Multi core vehicle management system and method patent, US-8949247-B2: Method for dynamic updating of an index, and a search engine implementing the same patent, US-8949395-B2: Systems and methods of event driven recovery management patent, US-8951051-B2: Connector having optimized tip patent, US-8951062-B2: Motor connection in particular for a radiator fan motor for a motor vehicle and a radiator fan motor patent, US-8951632-B2: CNT-infused carbon fiber materials and process therefor patent, US-8951937-B2: Identification and use of bacterial [2Fe-2S] dihydroxy-acid dehydratases patent, US-8953312-B2: Electronic device and casing for electronic device patent, US-8955272-B1: Accessible stabilizer bar patent, US-8962083-B2: Material for a brake disc patent, US-8965569-B2: Dispenser programming authorization system and method for fraud prevention patent, US-8966725-B2: Funeral urn system and method of using same patent, US-8968102-B2: Wireless communication game system patent, US-8968333-B2: Support assembly for robotic catheter system patent, US-8968738-B2: Methods of treating autoimmune diseases with anti-FcεRI antibodies patent, US-8969969-B2: High threshold voltage NMOS transistors for low power IC technology patent, US-8971269-B2: Uplink control signal design for wireless system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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